02 January 2016

a happy holiday...

"Happiness is only real when shared." -- Christopher McCandless

New things shared with others have made this season a happy holiday indeed.  Like much of the past six months, this time has been filled with many 'firsts.'  A few years ago on my birthday, my friend Traci gifted me with a challenge to try as many new things as I was years old at the time.  Little did she know how far that gift of a challenge would go.  Being who I am (stubborn...driven...crazy...), I'm currently pursuing 34 'firsts.'   

Understanding Ski Equipment
unfamiliar with poles, boots, and skis
Learning to Ski at Keystone
patient ski instruction from Jason & Larry
Enjoying Time with Out-of-Towners
twilight hike to Horsetooth Rock
---Jake & Karen
scenic views in the high mountains
Skiing Loveland for Thanksgiving
satisfied after our tailgating feast
Skiing Breckenridge
carving with 'bsw' newbie Kathryn
Dining on a Dredge 
floating on the river in Breckenridge
Shoveling Snow
having great neighbors is a bonus
Running in Snow
love the crunching sound of snow
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Dinners
wining and dining for the Eve
potluck dinner for the Day
Hiking within Poudre Canyon
bluebird day on Gray Rock
Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National Park
stopping by the woods on a snowy (day)
Ringing in the New Year
looking forward to 2016 adventures
Skiing Keystone for New Year's Night
"All these places have their own moments with lovers and friends, I still can recall." - The Beatles
Check out a great musician experienced lately - click to play.

Lindsey Saunders - In My Life (cover) (Westminster Brewery & CyclHOPS)